Speight, Van Nostrand & Gibson Limited
Ontario Land Surveyors
Established 1825

We Specialize in

 Surveying and Mapping

Legal Surveys

Topographic/Engineering Surveys

Subdivision and Condominiums Surveys

Monitoring & Control Surveys

Construction Layout

Geodetic Surveys

Floor Area Certification (BOMA Standards)

Geographic & Land Related Information Systems.

Surveyor's Real Property Report

Interior and Exterior 3D scanning and modelling

R. Ray Scott(1973) Limited

R.Ray Scott Limited (1966-1973)

John Lrke, O.L.S.

N.C. Lloyd, O.L.S.

Frank Kitto, O.L.S.

P.S. Gibson

G. S. Abrey

With Notes and Records of:

D. Gibson

G. B. Abrey

J. Butterfield, O.L.S.

F.F. Passmore, O.L.S.

J.C. Grey, O.L.S.

V. Sankey, O.L.S.

W.E. McMullen, O.L.S.

H.B. Proudfoot, O.L.S.

G.D.G. Currie, O.L.S.