Speight, van Nostrand & Gibson Limited
Ontario Land Surveyors
Established 1825
We Specialize in Surveying and Mapping:
Legal Surveys
Topographic/Engineering Surveys
Subdivision and Condominium Surveys
Monitoring and Control Surveys
Construction Layout
Geodetic Surveys
Floor Area Certification (BOMA Standards)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Surveyors Real Property Report (SRPR)
Interior and Exterior 3D Scanning and Modelling
With Notes and Records of:
Abrey, G.B. (PLS)
Anderson, R.M.
Bradstock, Harold Stanley
Butterfield, J.E.C.
Currie, H.D.G.
Gibson, D. (PLS)
Gibson, P.S.
Gibson, W.S.
Gibson, W.S., & Sons Ltd.
Grey, J.C. (PLS)
Kitto, F.H.
Lanzon, S
Larke, J.R.
Lloyd, N.C.
McMullen, W.E.
Passmore, F.F. (PLS)
Proudfoot, H.B.
Sankey, V.
Scott, A.B. (PLS)
Scott, R. Ray Ltd.
Speight & van Nostrand Ltd.
Speight van Nostrand Ward & Anderson
Tate, H.W.
van Nostrand, A.J.
van Nostrand, J.
Ward, A.T.
Weaver, W.F.
Webb, A.C.
Wildman Rhodes & Assoc.
Wildman, W.N.
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